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Enclosed Conveyors

Premron CHS
Premron CHS

Enclosed Belt Systems (EBS)

Enclosed Belt Systems (EBS) use a 'tear drop' shaped enclosed pouch which ensures 'dust free' conveying of raw materials. In 2019, Logitech Engineering assisted Premron CHS to commission a new enclosed underground coal conveyor system in Central Queensland.

The Premron CHS Conveyor is supported by a trolley system that is mounted on a monorail attached to overhead supports or the ceiling of an underground passage. Each trolley is approximately 3m long and is linked via a hitch and fitted to the monorail beam via girder trolleys. The trolley system allows the enclosed conveyor to automatically follow (tram along the monorail) behind the Continuous Miner, but can also negotiating tight radius corners to move out of the way from the Continuous Miner when required.

The conveyor's narrow width does not impede ventilation in a tunnel and service vehicles can pass along the side of the conveyor to access the Continuous Miner. Power and services, including the ventilation duct, can be run independent of the Premron CHS, or attached directly to the trolley system, which keeps all service pipes and cables safely off the ground.


Materials Handling

Ship Loaders

Ship Loading and Unloading

In the last 12 years, Logitech Engineering have been directly involved in the construction and commissioning of eight ship loading and unloading Jettys, including:

  • LNG Loading (QCLNG, GLNG, APLNG and Wheatstone)
  • Coal Loading (WICET and GPC)
  • Iron Ore, Chromium and Manganese Loading (Port Hedland)
  • Bauxite unloading (QAL and Yarwun Alumina Refineries)
  • Cotton Seed and Wood Chip Loading (BHP Gladstone)

Power and Lighting

Power and Lighting

Area Lighting using 3D LUX Modelling

Safe egress lighting and general area lighting is critical to maintaining a safe operating plant for your employees. Logitech Engineering use 3D LUX modeling calculations to ensure appropriate selection and sizing of light fixtures and support structures. We design and install swivel poles, and winch access mechanism for light poles and towers. More...

Arc Furnace

Arc Furnace

Smelting and Metal Purification

In 2011, Logitech Engineering commissioned the only DC Arc furnace in the world that is connected to Gas Turbines which are not connected to the power grid. This is significant since the DC Arc requires 18MW of instantaneous power to create the Arc, and also dumps this power instantly whenever the Arc is lost. We designed and commissioned a large 11kV / 2.4MW load bank and a very large reactor and capacitor bank to create a system that worked reliably, without tripping the Gas Turbines. More...

Biogas Clean Energy


Biogas and Clean Energy Recovery

In 2015, Logitech Control joined forces with Prizm Engineering and Zinfra to design and commission Queenslands newest Biogas energy recovery systems in Rockhampton and Brisbane for Teys Australia. These large scale units convert abatoir discharge effluent from the Teys meatworks to generate methane for boiler feed gas. The biogas is burned to create steam for the plant, while the cleaned and phosphate reduced water is safely discharged to the river. More...

Instrumentation Packages

Instrumentation Packages

Instrumentation and Control Packages

Logitech Engineering can design, fabricate and commission almost any piping packages to suit your application, with recent packages including:

  • Burner Management Systems (RioTinto)
  • Glycol Heater Packages (Chemeq)
  • Chlorine and Potassium Dosing (GRC)
  • Waste Treatment Dosing (Googong WTP)
  • Caustic cleaning (Yarwun Alumina Refinery)

No application is too big or too small. We have a team of Electrical, Mechanicla & Piping Engineers available for consultation or on-site support. More...


PLC Automation

PLC Automation and SCADA

Logitech Engineering's largest design team is the Automation and Controls Group (Logitech Controls). With expertise in virtually every brand of PLC / SCADA / DCS control system on the market. Logitech have programmed and commissioned thousands of systems across Australia, South East Asia and Europe - ranging from small packaged equipment with just a few I/O points to full scale distributed control systems exceeding ten thousand I/O points.

Logitech Engineering have partnerships with Schneider, Allen Bradley, Siemens, Honeywell, Yokogawa and Citect - for design, programming and system integration. More...

Packaged Substations

Packaged Substations

Packaged Substations

Modular Packaged Substations (MPS) save considerable time and cost compared to on-site fabrication. Fully tested Motor Control Centers (MCCs), and Control and Distribution Centers (CDCs) can be fabricated quickly and fully factory tested before delivery to site.
Pre-installed cable raceway sections and drop-boxes attached to the substation support frame also save time on site, and ensure cable routes and bending radius issues are dealt with before cables are pulled. More...

Large-Scale Solar

Solar Power

Large Scale Solar Systems

Logitech Engineering are certified installers of Large Scale PV system with the Clean Energy Council of Australia. With the industry set to more than triple in capacity in 2019-20, our engineers can design and build any system, no matter how large or small. More...

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