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Hazardous Areas

Wheatstone Project

LNG and Hazardous Areas (EEHA)

During 2015 to 2018, Downer EDI were the lead electrical contractor for the construction and commissioning of the Chevron Wheatstone LNG plant at Onslow Western Australia. Bechtel were the Lead Contractor for this $54 Billion resource project. Construction of Train 1 & 2 are now complete with LNG exports in full operation.

Several Logitech Engineering team members were part of the Downer team during the 4 year construction and commissioning stage. Our on-site Engineers are very proud of their achievements, and have helped Downer to achieve over 5 million hours of LTI free construction.

Logitech Engineering have recently completed the electrical design, construction and Hazardous Area Assessments (EEHA) for:
  • Four LNG projects (APLNG, QCLNG, GLNG & Wheatstone)
  • Two Biogas projects in Rockhampton and Brisbane
  • Condensate and liquid fuels storage
  • Alumina Dust Air Slides for Boyne Smelter
  • Coal Dust Extraction for WICET and GPC in Gladstone

Horizontal Kilns

Horizontal Kiln

Windimurra Vanadium Horizontal Kiln

This photo shows the Windimurra Vanadium horizontal kiln, which is seated on rollers designed to allow for expansion of the steel frame. Multiple temperature sensors built into the structure measure the product as it flows towards the hot end of the kiln. The exhaust gas is filtered to remove dust, and a small negative pressure is maintained at the product feed chute at all times to prevent flameout.

Burner Management

Kiln Flame

Burner Management Systems (BMS)

Commissioning of the 110m long kiln had a number of challenges, including adjustment of the Burner Management System Air/Fuel ratio to produce a perfect flame pattern and efficient heat transfer to the product.
The wet magnetite concentrate (Vanadium/Iron/Titanium) travels towards the flame, propelled by the rotation of the kiln. The product is cooled as it exits the kiln via heat recovery chambers to improve the energy efficiency. The final product is then cooled, dried and reduced in a DC Arc Furnace to produce Ferro-Vanadium ingots.

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