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Security Systems

Security Gates

Security Access and CCTV

A global trend towards security and area monitoring has seen a dramatic increase in applications requiring high resolution CCTV systems with live streaming and long-term data storage. A reliable communication network and large data storage systems are critical to achieve 24/7 coverage, and in any lighting condition.

Logitech Engineering have been designing and installing industrial and commercial security systems since 1996, particularly in the Central Queensland region.

High Resolution CCTV

Security Cameras

High Resolution CCTV in Dusty Environments

This photo shows a high resolution CCTV image of a Ship Unloader within a very dusty and high vibration environment. Logitech Engineering design full security systems suitable for any environment.

Fibre optic networking allows for high resolution imaging from hundreds of cameras. Additional controls like Pan-Tilt-Zoom can be added to any camera, and integrated with specific control actions or motion detection.

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