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Crushing & Screening

Mining and Metals

Bulk Ore Crushing and Processing

Bulk ore crushing systems require a lot of power and must survive in dusty and high vibration environments. Logitech Engineering helped build and commission the Windimurra Vanadium Mine Crushing and Beneficiation circuit, utilizing a three stage course, medium and fine grade crushing and screening circuit. Three Gas Turbines were used to power the large crushing motors, which were used as the primary load for the 11kV distribution system.

Underground Mining

Coal Miner

Underground Mining

Underground mining equipment such as this Premron longwall coal miner is often subjected to extreme conditions including dust, humidity, vibration and washdown water. Continuous Mining Machines must be reliable in these rough conditions as well as compliant to AS60079 hazardous areas and AS3800 mining regulations.

Salt Mining

Salt Mining

Salt Mining in Port Hedland

Salt mining is a low energy, low cost process, but the machinery is exposed to extremely high corrosion. Designing crushing and packaging equipment in a salt mine requires special attention to material selection and Ingress Protection. Good maintenance is the key to maintaining operational reliability.

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