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Electrical and Automation Engineering - Since 1991

Potato Sorter

Potato Sorter

Packaged Equipment - Potato Sorter

During 2018, Logitech Engineering assisted MHO Infrastructure to design and construct a Potato Brushing and Sizing Machine which utilised a variable diameter scroll to sort potatoes (and other vegetables) into different sizes. This stainless steel machine is fully automatic and designed to withstand mud, dust, vibration, and high pressure washdown.

Packaged Equipment

Fire Pump Skid

Fire Pumps and Deluge Systems

A secure power source is vital for every firewater pump station. A fire pump must start every time, and run to destruction if necessary. Integrated Jockey Pumps and periodic auto-testing sequences are built into all of our fire pump skids.

Logitech Engineering provide a comprehensive pumping package:

  • We size the pumps, piping systems and tanks
  • Design and build the Star-Delta starters for the drives
  • Include a diesel backup generator with auto-start function, and
  • Ensure your fire system is certified by the local Fire Authority

Process Water

Water Pumps

Process Water Pumps

Logitech Engineering have been designing and commissioning Water Deluge and Fire Suppression systems since 1993. In fact, in 1995, Logitech developed sophisticated software for Tyco to automatically calculate pressure drop and discharge rates for virtually any sized system, complete with 3D graphics.

We have pre-packaged skids or custom designed pump stations.

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