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Human Powered Vehicles

Technology Challenge - Human Powered Vehicles (HPV)

From 2010 to 2020, Logitech Controls have continued to sponsor the Human Powered Vehicle Challenge (HPV) in Maryborough QLD. This great event includes Solar Powered Cars, the Robotics Challenge and the 24-hour HPV race. More...

Stem Cutter RPEQ

Machine Safety

Machine Safety - BSL Stem Cutter

In May 2017, Logitech Controls assisted MHO Infrastructure to certify a new Stem Cutter machine for Pacific Aluminium at the Boyne Island Smelter (BSL) to satisfy AS:4024 Category III machine safety compliance. By combining guarding with proximity sensors and redundancy, the machine is now much safer to operate. A comprehensive risk assessment and compliance test was conducted for every conceivable operating condition and failure mode. More...

Biogas Clean Energy


Renewable Energy - Biogas from abattoir Waste

In 2015, Logitech Controls joined forces with Prizm Engineering and Zinfra to design and commission Queenslands newest Biogas energy recovery systems in Rockhampton and Brisbane for Teys Australia. These large scale units convert abattoir discharge effluent from the Teys meatworks to generate methane for boiler feed gas. More...

Ship Access

Crib Point Gangway

Ship Access Gangways - Crib Point Engineering

Logitech Controls have now completed the RPEQ certification of 7 new (and upgraded) Ship Access Gangways in Central Queensland (Gladstone and Mackay).
Safe access to a ship from a jetty is made possible via a Gangway Access platform. These tower structures include an articulated access ladder and a slew crane for moving equipment between the ship and the jetty. Logitech Controls have partnered with Crib Point Engineering to install and RPEQ certify seven Gangway access platforms in Queensland including QCLNG, APLNG, GLNG, and the Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal. More...

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