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Power Generation


Power Generation - Gas Turbines

Natural Gas Turbine Generators (GTGs) are extremely responsive to load changes and disturbances. But, they require >30% base load to maintain synchronisation, which can be an issue when commissioning. Logitech Engineering can design and integrate large power trains to meet your expected and future power requirements.

The photo left shows three Solar Turbine Gas Generators commissioned by Logitech Engineering at the Windimurra Vanadium Mine in Western Australia.

HV Switchgear

Power Station

Power Generation - HV Switchgear

An alternative option to using Gas Turbines is to install Reciprocating Gas Engines. These power generators are less responsive to load changes, but are significantly cheaper to buy and easier to commission. Logitech Engineering commissioned two Reciprocating Engines at the Windimurra Mine and synchronized the combined generating capacity to form a 100MW stand-alone power station.

The photo left shows the 11kV distribution switchgear, which included synchronization control, load shedding, power factor correction and captured-key safety interlocks.

Chokes & Filters

Power Factor Correction

Power Factor Correction and Chokes

Switching very large inductive loads causes considerable strain upon the power system, particularly with stand-alone power systems. Logitech joined forces with Keech Furnace Technologies and EC&M to design and build a capacitor/reactor bank for surge suppression and power factor correction. The twelve large 11kV reactor coils, and twelve banks of capacitors were designed to remove 5th and 7th harmonics, and provide instantaneous switching power for a DC Arc Furnace, Ball Mill and Crushing Circuit.

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