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Local Control Panels and HMI

Touch-screen technology has dramatically changed the Industrial Controls market, with most systems now programmed using tough-screens for human interaction. This is not always the best solution when operators are required to wear gloves. Logitech Controls conduct a fit-for-purpose review of every application before recommending which brand and model of HMI to choose.

Using a huge library of layouts and objects from thousands of projects enables Logitech to create user-friendly systems in a very short time. We can also integrate 3D modeling into our graphics to help operators diagnose problems.

Operator Screens

Operator Screens

Operator Graphics

DCS graphic pages need to contain all of the important information that an operator needs to run the plant, but only the significant tasks which need their attention should stand out from a page. Careful selection of colours, fonts and screen resolution makes a screen easier to read, but should not be too dull so that it sends an operator to sleep. Years of research with different screen layouts and techniques have led Logitech Controls to establish a set of guidelines that our programmers can follow, and a comprehensive library that saves on programming time.

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