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Mining and Metals

Arc Furnace

Smelting and Metal Purification

In 2011, Logitech Engineering commissioned the only DC Arc furnace in the world that is connected to Gas Turbines which are not connected to the power grid. This is significant since the DC Arc requires 18MW of instantaneous power to create the Arc, and also dumps this power instantly whenever the Arc is lost. We designed and commissioned a large 11kV / 2.4MW load bank and a very large reactor and capacitor bank to create a system that worked reliably, without tripping the Gas Turbines.

The photo above shows the very first Ferro-Vanadium metal pour from the Arc furnace. The DC bus bars for the Arc Furnace were water-cooled due to the extremely high current flow.

Vanadium Mining


Crushing and Screening

To extract metals from an ore body, there are many steps involved:

  1. Mining & Extraction
  2. Crushing and Screening
  3. Beneficiation
  4. Concentration
  5. Oxygen Reduction
  6. Smelting & Blending
  7. Casting and Packaging

The photo above shows a three-stage crushing and screening plant. The photo below shows the first crushed ore dumped to the stockpile from the crushing and screening circuit.

Magnetic Separation

Crusher Stockpile

Refining & Purification

Logitech Engineering joined forces with Atlantic Minerals, PINC Group, and EC&M to complete the structural, piping & electrical works for the Windimurra Vanadium Mine near Mt Magnet. The crushing and beneficiation circuits (designed by others) proved to be undersized, which eventually led to the temporary closure of the mine. The remaining systems worked very well and the first ever Ferro-Vanadium metal pour was conducted in late 2011. The control system was Citect, with a mixture of GE, Siemens and Allen Bradley PLCs.

Vanadium Batteries

Vanadium metal is most often used to manufacture high strength steel alloys (tools, springs and aircraft parts), but also has the potential to be used for Energy Storage applications. Vanadium batteries have very high energy concentration and very low charge cycle memory, but are bulky when used as a redox flow battery. The cost of extracting the ore-body is high compared to Lithium, but the batteries have the unique ability to be left completely discharged for long periods of time with no detrimental effect.

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