Logitech Engineering

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Ship Mooring

Cavotec Marine

Port Hedland Auto Mooring System

Logitech Engineering joined forces with the PINC Group and Cavotec to create the highly innovative Auto Mooring System at Utah Point in Port Hedland. The system uses vacuum pads to hold onto the ship.

This project won the Engineers Australia Innovation Excellence Award in 2011.

Ship Access

Crib Point Gangway

Ship Access Gangways - Crib Point Engineering

Logitech Engineering have now completed the RPEQ certification of 7 new (and upgraded) Ship Access Gangways in Central Queensland (Gladstone and Mackay).
Safe access to a ship from a jetty is made possible via a Gangway Access platform. These tower structures include an articulated access ladder and a slew crane for moving equipment between the ship and the jetty. Logitech Engineering have partnered with Crib Point Engineering to install and RPEQ certify seven Gangway access platforms in Queensland including QCLNG, APLNG, GLNG, and the Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal. More...

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