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Control Rooms

Control Rooms

Control Rooms & Distributed Control (DCS)

Since 1997, Logitech Controls have been designing and building large scale Control Rooms and Distributed Control Systems (DCS). In partnership with other companies, we have won two national awards for control room layouts for Olympic Dam in South Australia and the Yarwun Alumina Refinery in Gladstone.

Control Room Layouts and Full Redundancy

There are many aspects to creating operator-friendly control environments, including:

  1. Colour selection of the graphics - neutral colours or grey,
  2. Screen navigation and layout - logical and fast,
  3. Ergonomic sitting and standing console designs
  4. Indirect room lighting - adjustable to suit different operators
  5. Glare reduction for screens and trend displays
  6. Large LED trending displays with important trends and alarms
  7. Reliable networking, UPS power and system redundancy

Control Rooms

RTA Control Room

Yarwun Control Room Expansion

Logitech Controls expanded the RioTinto Yarwun Alumina Refinery Central Control Room (CCR) in Gladstone QLD for the expansion in 2009. The layout included Icon consoles with large over-head LED trend displays. The electrical power and control cabling was routed below the floor using cable trays, ducting and conduit.
Fail-safe redundancy was taken into account through the network topology, UPS distribution, radio network, and independent cable paths. The operators are able to interact with each other, while maintaining segregation to avoid excessive noise and radio chatter.

Control Room Modelling

QAL Control Room

Control Room 3D Modelling

Before construction begins, it is critical to create rendered 3D models of the proposed control room layouts. In 2019, Logitech Engineering and QAL engaged Jackson Lane Architects to create this model of the QAL Central Control Room during the feasibility stage. Although this version of the model was not constructed, it provided valuable information to the operators and engineers about how the system will look and feel.

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