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Biogas Clean Energy


Biogas and Clean Energy Recovery

In 2015, Logitech Engineering joined forces with Prizm Engineering and Zinfra to design and commission Queenslands newest Biogas energy recovery systems in Rockhampton and Brisbane for Teys Australia. These large scale units convert abattoir discharge effluent from the Teys meat works to generate methane for boiler feed gas. The biogas is burned to create steam for the plant, while the cleaned and phosphate reduced water is safely discharged to the river.

Water Treatment


Waste Conversion to Biogas

The process involves pumping waste discharge from the Teys meat processing plant, removing the solids, and using bugs to convert the product into Biogas. The biogas is collected under two large covered ponds, and burned in a boiler to produce steam. The energy is passed back into the plant as process steam, and also used as wash-down water.
Suspended solids, ammonia-nitrogen, total nitrogen and total phosphorus are all significantly reduced. Dissolved solids, dissolved oxygen, nitrate-N, iron, zinc and cadmium are also reduced in the process.

Sewage Treatment

Googong Water Treatment

Sewage Treatment Plants

In 2015, Logitech Engineering joined forces with John Holland, GHD and CNF to build and commission the new Googong Water Recycling plant in Canberra. This state-of-the-art sewage treatment facility located near Queenbeyan NSW uses a combination of bioreactors, membrane filtration, chemical dosing and UV exposure to clean the waste water. In fact, the water is clean enough to use as sprinkler water for gardens, and you could even drink it if you were really thirsty.

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