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Power and Lighting


Lighting and LV Power Systems

Safe egress lighting and general area lighting is critical to maintaining a safe operating plant for your employees. Logitech Engineering use 3D LUX modeling calculations to ensure appropriate selection and sizing of light fixtures and support structures. We design and install swivel poles and winch access mechanism for light poles and towers.

Power and Lighting

Power and Lighting

Photometric Modelling

Logitech Engineering use 3D photometric modeling for all indoor, outdoor and emergency lighting applications to determine lamp selection and fixture spacing. Even indirect and artistic lighting can be modeled for unique areas such as control rooms.

UPS and Battery Backed Lighting

All safety lighting in buildings must be battery-backed in accordance with AS/NZS:1680.1 and AS:2293.1/2, but for all other general areas we prefer to use UPS backup power instead of battery backed light fixtures due to the reduced long-term maintenance costs associated with battery inspections, accessibility and replacement.

For operating plants there are two requirements: Safety Lighting and Emergency Lighting. Safety lighting is intended to ensure that operating personnel can move to a place of safety, or that personnel can control or shutdown the process in a safe manner, in the event of failure of the electrical supply. The standard requirement for Safety Lighting is to provide a minimum of 20 Lux illumination for at least 90 minutes. However, the requirement for Emergency Lighting is 1 Lux to facilitate safe and orderly evacuation.

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