Logitech Engineering

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Solar Power


Domestic & Commercial Solar Systems

Logitech Engineering are certified installers of domestic, commercial and large-scale PV systems through the Clean Energy Council.
With the industry set to more than triple in capacity in 2019-22, our engineers can design and build any system, no matter how large or small.
Battery backup required? Why not add a Lithium Battery bank and stay off the grid forever, or feed power back into the grid at the peak tariff rates $$

Battery Storage

Battery Bank

Energy Storage - Battery Systems

Logitech Engineering have used their experience with industrial UPS battery backup systems and applied this to the new Energy Storage solutions which are now economically feasible.
Battery temperature and resistance monitoring (BMS) is the only way to ensure that your investment in energy storage remains at optimal cycling capacity.

Large Scale Solar

Solar Array

Large Scale Solar Systems

Logitech Engineering design large scale industrial solar power systems with the option of auto-tracking frames or fixed modules.
The mounting frames are easy to install, scalable, and have a service life exceeding 25-years.

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