Logitech Engineering

Electrical and Automation Engineering - Since 1991

Instrumentation Packages

BMS Packages

Piping & Instrumentation Packages

Logitech Engineering can design, fabricate and commission almost any piping packages to suit your application, with recent packages including:

  • Burner Management Systems (RioTinto)
  • Glycol Heater Packages (Chemeq)
  • Chlorine and Potassium Dosing (GRC)
  • Waste Treatment Dosing (Googong WTP)
  • Caustic cleaning (Yarwun Alumina Refinery)

No application is too big or too small. Logitech Engineering have a team of Electrical, Mechanical & Piping Engineers available for consultation or on-site support.

Chemical Dosing

Water Treatment

Recently Completed Instrumentation Packages:

  • Pumping skids
  • Chemical dosing skids
  • Analysers with pre-conditioning units
  • Burner Management Systems (BMS)
  • Fruit & Vegetable sorters

Analyser Packages

Instrumentation Packages

3D Modelling

Logitech Engineering use 3D isometric drawings for all analyser equipment layouts, which saves hundreds of hours when building the panels. You know exactly what it will look like before we start building it.

Logitech Engineering use SolidWorks software design tools to layout all of our packaged machines and skids.

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