Logitech Engineering

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132kV Switchgear

Gas Insulated

132kV Gas Insulated Switchgear

Logitech Engineering conduct primary and secondary injection testing, HiPot and VLF testing, as well as Ductor and Megger tests for all types of HV switching system. We can assess and calculate Arc Flash Zoning so that your operators and equipment are safe under extreme fault conditions.

Metal-enclosed Gas-Insulated 145kV switchgear (GIS) takes up a smaller footprint compared to air-insulated switchgear, and has significantly reduced Arc-Flash risk.

Motor Control Centres

MCC Panels

Motor Control Centres (MCC)

Logitech Engineering design MCC equipment which is modular, safe to operate and reliable. Interlocking and inter-tripping is provided by the Power Management System (PMS) and includes remote switching controls.

Logitech Engineering also provide lightning impulse and short circuit design criteria, while ensuring that circuit breakers can accommodate Transient Recovery Voltage (TRV) peaks while breaking inductive loads.



Power Transformers

Logitech Engineering conduct power system modelling and protection verifications for all types of Transformers and Power Generating equipment. Load flow calculations, short circuit analysis, protective device coordination, and transient stability simulations are required to ensure that load disturbances stabilise as quickly as possible.

Optimal power flow and harmonic analysis are also important for improving the efficiency of the power system.

Bus Duct

Bus Dust

Power Distribution - Bus Duct

Transformers and high current loads are often connected using Bus Duct, which is reliable and cost effective when designed correctly.

Logitech Engineering provide 3D models for complex bus connections, including blast wall calculations, wall penetrations, support structures and earth grid design.

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