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High Voltage Switchgear


Power Distribution Systems - 415V to 145kV

The last 20 years have seen dramatic improvements in MCC layouts with removable cells and venting for arc flash protection.
Strategic selection of hardware and matching loads with appropriate protection techniques dramatically reduces costs by improving operational reliability. Ductor testing reduces the risk of hot joints, and mechanical interlocking removes the risk of inadvertent switching.

To improve the safety of older HV switchgear, Logitech Engineers use Littelfuse Arc Flash detection modules, which monitor arc flash bursts using point-sensors and fibre optic line sensors, which can be wired to shunt trip the power system incomers. More...

Gas Insulated Breakers

GIS Switchgear

High Voltage Substations

Logitech Engineering have commissioned over fifteen HV substations in 2015-2020, with several systems currently under design, fabrication and factory acceptance testing. This photo shows Schneider PIX air-insulated switchgear up to 17.5kV with operating current up to 5kA with short circuit current now exceeding 50kA.

Motor Control Centres

Motor Control Centers

Motor Control Centres

Logitech Engineering regularly design all types of MCCs, ranging from Form-2 to Form-4 MCCs, with standard sizing up to 2500A and 50kA. This includes a communication network (Ethernet/Modbus/Profibus) to maximize the data available for power monitoring and alarming into a PMS or SCADA systems. Integrated Variable Speed Drives, Soft Starters, and Star-Delta starters are common features.

MCC layout options include:

  • Top or bottom cable entry,
  • Dual incomers with mechanical interlocking for backup generators,
  • Bus-tie key exchange systems,
  • Power factor correction,
  • Power monitoring and metering,
  • Load shedding using dedicated power monitoring systems (PMS),
  • Wider cable zones to allow for cables with a larger bending radius

Logitech Engineering also design substation raceway layouts to ensure cable segregation and integrity of your power and control systems. More...

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