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Underground Conveyors

Coal Reclaimers

Underground Conveyors

Underground conveyor systems and stockpile reclaim systems require special consideration for mining codes and national standards, and the equipment must survive extreme dust, gas, and water ingress protection. As a minimum, our designs satisfy AS:4024 (Machine Safety) and AS:60079 (Hazardous Area) requirements.

Recent successful projects include the WICET coal export terminal in Gladstone QLD where we demonstrated our commitment to quality and reliability.

Material Handling

Iron Ore

Materials Handling Conveyors

In 2010, Logitech Engineering constructed and commissioned the Utah Point Material Export Facility at Port Hedland. We received two national awards for this project from Engineers Australia for Environmental Protection of the Stockpile Facility, and the Innovation Award for the Ship Auto-Mooring Systems supplied by Cavotec Marine.

Enclosed Conveyors

Premron CHS
Premron CHS

Enclosed Belt Systems (EBS)

Enclosed Belt Systems (EBS) use a 'tear drop' shaped enclosed pouch which ensures 'dust free' conveying of raw materials. In 2019, Logitech Engineering assisted Premron CHS to commission a new enclosed underground coal conveyor system in Central Queensland.

The Premron CHS Conveyor is supported by a trolley system that is mounted on a monorail attached to overhead supports or the ceiling of an underground passage. Each trolley is approximately 3m long and is linked via a hitch and fitted to the monorail beam via girder trolleys. The trolley system allows the enclosed conveyor to automatically follow (tram along the monorail) behind the Continuous Miner, but can also negotiating tight radius corners to move out of the way from the Continuous Miner when required.

The conveyor's narrow width does not impede ventilation in a tunnel and service vehicles can pass along the side of the conveyor to access the Continuous Miner. Power and services, including the ventilation duct, can be run independent of the Premron CHS, or attached directly to the trolley system, which keeps all service pipes and cables safely off the ground.

The drive for such a 'continuous haulage system' is paramount within the Mining Industry. The benefits are considerable to Underground Mines with a potential to cut Gate-Roads at a higher capacity, lower cost and more importantly, in a safer fashion. Ultimately a fully autonomous Mining System can be realised.

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