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Telemetry and Communication Networks

Reliable wireless communications can save time and money, but only if the data is secure. Using 128-bit encryption with random keys will keep your data safe, and automation system in control.

Logitech Engineering conduct signal strength analysis and line-of-site testing to ensure that the wireless network works first time, and is independent of weather or interference from other networks.

Buried Cables

Underground Services

Underground Power and Telecommunications

An important part of secure communications is to utilise underground fibre communications. Buried cables and underground service trenches must be carefully planned to account for all other services and the final civil layout. Conduit stub-ups must come up at the exact location and finished surface level.

Logitech Engineering can plan all trench layouts, intermediate cable pits, and all network infrastructure.

Cable Management

Cable Raceway

Cable Management and Raceways

Good cable mangement requires planning and attention to detail. Using 3D modelling programs such as SolidWorks makes the process much easier, but on-site management of cable pulling crews is also critical.

Logitech Engineering provide on-site engineering support for all aspects of the construction phase, with over 300 large construction projects completed over the last 30 years.

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