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Flood Lighting

Flood Lighting

Flood Lighting Specialists

The design of concrete footings for light poles must be carried out by a qualified person, and can vary depending on the site conditions and application. Logitech Engineering design cost effective long-life flood lighting systems, incorporating easy access mechanisms for maintenance, and using corrosion resistant materials for every project. We have a comprehensive range of foundation options, with on-site supervision if required.

Power and Lighting


Lighting and LV Power Systems

Safe egress lighting and general area lighting is critical to maintaining a safe operating plant for your employees. Logitech Engineering use 3D LUX modeling calculations to ensure appropriate selection and sizing of light fixtures and support structures. We design and install swivel poles and winch access mechanism for light poles and towers.

Infrared Thermal Imaging

Thermal Imaging

Thermal Imaging & Infrared Lighting

Thermal cameras, with optional infrared flood lighting, can reveal details for a shiploader operator that cannot be seen at night or in poor light conditions.

Logitech Engineering have installed a number of thermal imaging camera systems, including infrared flood lighting for night vision, to improve the visibility for operators when loading or unloading raw materials from ships.

Materials such as coal are particularly difficult to see at night, whereas thermal imagages are clearly visible, and are also not affected by dust.

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